Ahoy feet!

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15 curious facts about our feet


The feet – they are invaluable attributes of the human body, whose most main function is to help us move from one place to another. Here are some interesting facts about our feet.


  1. Average we humans make about 10,000 steps a day. And by the end of our life we have enough miles behind us to go around the earth four times – 185,000 km.


  1. The feet have a 25% share from the contents of the bones in the human body.


  1. Average daily, the women walk around five kilometers more than men. This apparently is due to the tours of the shops…


  1. Both feet have a stock of more than 250,000 sweat glands, which explains the presence of the romantic feet aroma.


  1. The above mentioned glands secrete about 400 ml of sweat per day, which is not a small amount at all.


  1. The load that experience the feet when running is 4 times greater than the weight of the running person.


  1. The first shoe was the work of the Ice Age. The then people were forced to invent shoes from animal skins in order their soles not to stick to the ice.


  1. The ideal time for “sandals from the mall” or other footwear products is the second half of the day, since then the legs are swollen enough and is less likely for you to buy tight shoes.


  1. However, 90% of the women wear shoes that squeeze their feet.


  1. Which in fact is a prerequisite the women to have problems with their feet 4 times more often than men.


  1. The feet grow faster in hot weather, pregnancy and teenage years.


  1. The ancient Romans first divide the shoes of right and left. Until then, which one you will take has been of little importance.


  1. When we stand up, the size of our feet is increased by two sizes.


  1. The size of the shoes was invented by King Edward II in England in 1324. He stated that the diameter of a grain – 0.838 cm is a single size of the shoe. This system is applied and today.


  1. The public showers are places simultaneously for sanitization but not only. There you can wash the sweat from your feet and also get a fungal infection that is a very unpleasant problem, so be careful.




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