Branded shoes – a good or a bad investment

Image: © Elnur / Fotolia

There are still people who believe that the investment in branded shoes and clothes is unfounded and not practical. These thoughts are usually dictated by the higher prices. The average person says “Why should I pay 200 dollars for one pair when I can buy five for the same amount?” The point is logical. And actually, do the consumers know the answer of that question?

For those who still avoid putting more money into branded shoes, I will explain why this is a really good investment.


Branded shoes in 99% of the cases are handmade, which cannot be said for the shoes intended for mass consumption, with prices ranging from 25 to 50 dollars. It is a fact that handmade shoes give hundred times less defects which usually occur when the shoes are not used properly. Branded shoes are usually made of natural materials such as leather and suede, which automatically extends their lives.

I guess everyone would prefer a shoe which he will gladly wear for a long time. For this of course must be paid and the corresponding amount which is not quite as high.


When it comes to comfort, I can boldly claim that branded shoes whether female or male, cannot be compared with the ordinary. Considering that the average person is wearing shoes 12 to 24 hours, only the shoes made ​​from high quality materials, can provide the necessary comfort. Just imagine what pain you would live through, if you have to spend all day in shoes that harm or chafe your feet. This is more than terrible, and you do not need to experience it. Branded shoes as I mentioned above are made of natural materials that allow your feet to “breathe”, the soles are flexible and when walking your foot moves with ease.


Shoes say a lot about the person. When you see feet shod in dirty and visibly worn out shoes, the first thought that goes through your mind is “This is a person who does not particularly hold on his appearance”. Actually, in most cases this is not true. The reason lies in the poor investment. The shoes may be purchased two weeks ago but now they seem like you have not removed them from your feet for years. The reason is in the materials used for their manufacture. Branded shoes always look stylish and are recognized from afar, no matter which varieties they are. Sandals, slippers, booties, boots…

I hope that the above mentioned facts will be useful the next time you log in to the shoe store.


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