Do not blame the shoes

The pains are the price of vain desires

Spring has arrived, and with it the sandals, flip flops, espadrilles, slippers on high platform – all those colorful shoes from the window displays, which we cannot resist. After the boots and booties we want to wear something which not to feel on our feet. But what happens – one day walking without measure turns us into a whole week healers of the feet!

The mistake that most women make is to choose the new shoes as a drawing, only by their aesthetic characteristics. But even when guided by practical considerations they might be mistaken. Not always the simple model is the most comfortable warn the orthopedists.

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Flat soles for example are probably the worst thing we can cause ourselves by choosing a model “ballet slippers”. According to the specialists the lack of support transfers all the pressure to the ankle. For longer or when brisk walking, we may even twist it.

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Does this apply and for flip-flops? At full strength – the equal outsole leads to stretching of the connective tissue that supports the arch of the foot. This can cause inflammation. The simplest models of thongs that are only with top straps upset the balance of the body and make one constantly “grip” with his toes.


Shoes that will least hurt the legs are with a heel to 5 cm. But even they have to be replaced from time to time with lower, equipped with cushion for supporting the arch.

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The fashionable once again lately platforms surprisingly found support and from the orthopedists. The explanation is simple: yes, some stability is lost, but in terms of biomechanics, they are not that bad, because the fingers are also raised.



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Cannot say the same, however, for the pointed shoes. With them, whether they are with high or low heel, the squeezing of the fingers is inevitable, as well as injuring them.

One tip for all models: in the summer is most important the feet to be dry, this will protect them from blisters and calluses. Antibacterial powder or talc do the same job. It is good to spray the shoe on the inside with an antifungal spray.


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