How to choose the most appropriate sandals

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Formal shoes are mostly made ​​to wear with a suit. But since there are many different types of footwear the most suitable choice will make your outfit more beautiful and attractive. When the summer is coming, we begin to wonder what sandals to choose – high or low, one color or multiple colors? Here are some general guidelines to use when choosing suitable sandals for any outfit.

1. To choose the right sandals you have to consider your outfit. Select those that do not look like flip flops but have delicate straps and heels.

2. Combination of sandals with heels and leggings. This is a quite modern solution and is best suited for going out with friends.

3. Choose leather sandals for a formal occasion. Leather sandals come in various sizes, colors and always look good. Select sandals that are made ​​from high quality leather and polished on the outside.

4. If you have to walk long distances, but you are required to wear heeled sandals, it is advisable to stop at such with a low heel. If the heels are low and wide, they will not weary your feet and at the end of the day you will not feel throbbing pain.

5. For formal occasions try with colorful clothes. And the sandals to be also colored, for example a brown summer dress with pink sandals.

Tips and recommendations when trying on sandals

1. Always try the sandals, even if their size is the same as your shoes. Inspect how your legs look with the sandals because it may be different in your imagination and not exactly the same in reality. Sometimes the sandals that are on the shelves for shoes look very different when they are on your feet.

2. Consider buying sandals that are a half size larger than your normal size. This would allow for greater convenience.

3. Avoid sandals with straps around the ankles because they look as if they will “cut your legs” and lines are formed in the legs where the straps are located.

4. Check how far your heels reach in the sandals. If your heels are far back or slightly behind the end of the sole, this means that the sandals are too small.



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