How to clean your white shoes

The white color is very nice for the summer, including when it comes to shoes. The stylish white shoes, sneakers, skate shoes or slippers can refresh your style and make it even more summer.

Only that white shoes have one big problem – they easily become dirty.

To protect them at all times when you are out is not the best idea – however you came out to have fun, not to keep away from stains. Better accept that there will be dirt at some point and that you will just have to clean it as you get home.

Here is how.

White shoes made of fabric

Image: © Gordana Sermek / Fotolia

They are the easiest to clean because you can just wash them. By hand or in the machine – as you choose. Just do not turn on the centrifuge. After you wash them, let them dry in the sun.









White shoes from suede

The easiest way to clean them is if you took a special brush for the cleaning of suede, which to use only for your white shoes. These brushes remove more dirt than you think, quite easily.

Image: © Olivier DIRSON / Fotolia

If the stains are oily, you can remove them with the help of talcum powder – sprinkle some on the stain, leave overnight and in the morning brush away with the brush.





White shoes of leather

Image: © Elnur / Fotolia

If there is any serious dirt, remove it by using a cloth moistened with warm water and sprinkled with a little detergent. Then let the shoes dry completely before you put them back on.

White shoes made of rubber

Soak them in a bucket of warm water and detergent, and then remove the dirt with a brush. Leave them to dry in the sun.




The laces

Image: © Pavlo Vakhrushev / Fotolia

No matter how you clean the shoes, it is best to clean the laces by washing them.


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