How to combine the shoes in metallic colors

Image: © Elnur / Fotolia

If you want to shine, then choose a pair of glossy shoes in the modern metallic colors. Only the shiny shoes can offer you a great deal of sophistication and glamor, which you cannot achieve with any other shoes. Metallic shoes are suitable for both our daily and for our evening vision. So in this article we have prepared a few tips on how you can combine these fashionable shoes.

Neutral accent

Use your shoes in metallic color as a neutral tone in your overall vision, just as you do with your black and brown shoes. Fashion designers advise us to replace the standard and classic shoes with shoes in gold or bronze. You can find shoes in a wide variety of metallic colors that can easily match with any of your outfits as well as the other colorful shoes.

Combine different metallic tones

Metallic colors can be the neutral accent in your appearance, so do not be afraid to combine two metallic colors. One of the most fashionable shoes are definitely the shoes in several metallic colors. Select a combination of gold and silver or bronze and silver.

Image: © Elnur / Fotolia

Stick to the classic metallic colors

The classic metallic colors like gold, silver and bronze are the best choice you can make in the selection of shoes. The choice of classic metallic color will allow you to wear these shoes not only during this season, so be practical and choose precisely those colors.

Do not overdo it

Just as in life, everything has its limits. Metallic colors are quite intrusive and their excessive mixing could ruin your vision. Combine the shoes in metallic color with a blouse with metallic elements or a bag with metallic decorations without overcrowding yourself with too much metal.

Shoes for day and night

Shoes in metallic colors are suitable for both daytime and at night, and it all depends on the style you like. Flat shoes and slippers in metallic colors are appropriate as for the office as well as and for everyday life. Sandals in metallic colors are required for the creation of an elegant evening look. A very modern proposal for the season are shoes with a metal tip that you can wear all day and can be combine with all of your outfits.


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