Ladies‘ boots and the fashion trends

Image: © carol_anne / Fotolia

The boots are the most closed models in women’s shoes, creating warmth and comfort during the cold days! The manufacture of ladies‘ boots, requires more material, labor, and of course а brilliant mastermind who shall develop the models. The first models ladies‘ boots have been created yet during ancient times, when the old masters shoemakers invented them. Gradually with time, they were modernized, they became a necessity for women, and spread around the world.

Nowadays are already found many different models ladies’ boots that have a contemporary and fashionable design! It is enough to take a walk to the shops in order to see the amazing ladies’ boots that are created by the modern fashion industry. There are various models, but the most eye catching are the elegant ladies’ boots. They do not differ significantly from the boots that are in the same style, and even from the shoes with similar vision. Simply the ladies’ shoe is processed by changing the model, but the outsole, heel or sole stay the same, and there you have from a shoe – a boot! Genius idea, requiring more thinking!

Surprisingly the developers of ladies boots gave their all and invented yet unseen models. Low boots have new soles and for them, polyurethane is used because it is more lightweight. The leathers are also new, mostly the artificial, and in women’s boots of natural leather, the difference is minimal from last year, mainly in the colors. In the boots with average high heels are also used polyurethane soles, and here they are much more grappled. They belong to the classic women’s boots, and there is also not a big change for them, except that they have become much more fascinating. Natural leather has taken the forefront in the production of these boots because they are of better quality. The biggest change in design is for women’s boots with high heels and platform boots. Those, the official, high-heeled boots are in a variety of colors and materials, with a predominance of the artificial leather and suede, with a diversity of decorations on them. There are also denim boots that are for the more early autumn and dry days. Platform boots are simple and coarser in appearance, and are for more vain ladies.

If you still are not convinced that the diversity is very great, browse the shops and choose your best women’s boots, such that you have never had before. And remember, take high quality boots because they are like car tires for the winter! Have you no tires, do not go anywhere! Have you no solid boots, stay at home!


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