Longer life for the sport shoes

Image: © DenisNata / FotoliaBranded or not, they are your best friends in the jogging session. And if you use them regularly, they probably already cry for a replacement, right?

The good news is that there is a way to extend the life of your next pair of sports shoes. And to run more time with them. Like this:

Not the expensive, but the right

We assure you that you will do a good service as of your legs and of the sneakers if you when purchasing them take into consideration the surface on which you run. Because if it is bumpy and you have not stopped at an appropriate model of shoes, your purchase will be very quickly scrapped.

Only for running

Congratulations – you chose the right pair! Now, we advise you not to put it on for any occasion. Wear it only in your training and we promise you will enjoy it much more than one month.

Laces, laces

You are fed up to deal with them and so you prefer to slip off your shoes after a session? Well, do not do it anymore because this way you stretch the leather of your darlings, which reduces their days. In a nutshell: use their laces more often.

In the air

The wet and muddy sneakers to the warm near a radiator? Do not do this to them, please! Because the heat destroys the material from which they are made. Better put them outside on the balcony. Let them dry in peace. Perhaps so shall be slower, especially if it’s cold, but with minimum risk to the “health” of your jogging friends.

Two is more than one

If you are serious marathoners and run a lot, it would be better to have two pairs of sports shoes. So you can change them and facilitate their working day.

Well, I hope these tips allow you to use them and to enjoy them for longer time.


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