Platform sandals. Which ones are suitable for your feet?

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The choice of ladies‘ sandals with platform is several times more difficult than choosing men’s or children’s or sandals. For women it is not enough for the sandals to be comfortable or affordable. Here things are very complicated. This type of sandals is a substitute for high-heeled shoes. It is not enough to simply be beautiful, or from the latest collection of our favorite designer. They must be in such color, suitable with most of the outfits that we will wear them with, they must look great, and of course be comfortable enough to allow long walks along the shops or endless dancing in discos.

Here is a brief description for those who do not know what exactly the platform sandals are: a means that makes women look and feel better. They are a hybrid between ordinary sandals and shoes with high heels.

One great solution for the summer months of the year. 

Once you met my theory for the sandals with platform it is time to give you some helpful tips when choosing them. That would be something like a pocket guide for your next shopping. Well it is true that summer is too far away and not at all suggests that it is approaching, but when if not now will you find slippers and sandals of irresistibly low prices? The shop windows on the main streets are not littered with summer goods, but on behalf of that in the online stores you can find sandals with discount of over 50%. Why wait for summer and high prices?

The appropriate height of the platform

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Surely each of you has tried to wear platform shoes or wears such every day. You know best whether you are comfortable with them and how much you deal with the walking. If you look like a robot while walking with these shoes you do not need to take the sandals with the highest platform and torture yourself. Almost every model, no matter how extravagant has a version with lower platform. Stop at them. If you are born on heels and wear them in your everyday life you are free to choose among any platform height.

Select sandals that fit your wardrobe!

The sandals that you purchase will be part of your wardrobe. They have to match with it not only as color range. It is important what clothes you like to wear.

Platform sandals stand great on short skirts and tight jeans, while the sandals with lower platforms fit with wide jeans and long dresses. The low give you a more earthy look. It is not necessarily to look like the Queen of England when you go out for coffee with friends. But eventually the sandals should fit exactly to your style. As for the color – I recommend something universal like black, white, grey or beige. Sparkling green sandals would look very striking and attractive, but consider whether they will have the chance to be worn more than 3-4 times.

The design must fit your feet

Required! There are wide and narrow feet. The same applies to the soles of the sandals – wide and narrow. Try before you fall in love with a model. Remember that besides looking good it is important to feel the same way.


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