Shoes vs. Men

Image: © konradbak / Fotolia

Why do we love the shoes more than our men?

The passion of women to the shoes cannot be hidden. Some of you may pretend to not be relevant to this topic. You should know, however, that the longer you deny the problem, the more it will deepen. So better admit that you are one of us and read on.

Women are constantly looking for new and new shoes with the burning desire of a collector to find a certain priceless exhibit. Cheap and expensive, beautiful and ugly – the choice of shoes is not at all influenced by their qualities. The purchase is more a ritual of inspection of the models, search for the size, trying on and admiring in the mirror, consideration of the possible combinations with the already available clothes and accessories … and of course, the excess pleasure – the payment.

Women love their shoes. They love them more and from their beloved men! I can think of at least three reasons why this love is so possessive. And to displace human interrelations.

One pair of shoes will always belong to you, and only you, even if you have ten more like it. Or, even better. It is not jealous and does not take into account whether you have spent all day with another pair, or which pair you chose to accompany you to a party. The shoes do not ask, they are faithful unconditionally. Without reservations and hints. Only yours.

One pair of shoes would be walking with you without fussing that it is grown tired. It would tour all the stores in the mall. Twice. Would cater to all your needs. Even if you have in mind to leave at midnight, at the last minute – it will not be sleepy. And will not see a game just at the time. When you need it, it will just be up to you.

One pair of shoes will leave its box to accompany you when you please. Although all winter you have not seen each other. It will not replace you, but will be happy again that you thought of it.

A man … In men it is a bit more different. We cannot do without them. And we love them very much. But not more than our faithful companion in life. The shoes.



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