Spring shoes – the ballerinas

Image: © bertys30 / Fotolia

The trends in the model


Among the variety of shoes that are available for the warm days, certainly for everyday wear we stop at models that are both beautiful and practical.

In this respect the ballerinas definitely do not have a competitor.

The flat slippers are made of soft fabrics and allow for a snug fit on the foot, giving it stability and comfort.

The extensive range of details and color combinations allows the matching in any style and silhouette.

We present the most beautiful and current models of the ballerina flats, which will certainly find application in every wardrobe.


  1. Incrustations

Since women are primarily coquette and appreciate the attention to the details, the incrustations always have priority. Soft velvet in royal red with metal elements that import an enchanting and give opportunities for combinations with all sorts of colors – as for a complementary element, as well as a basic stylistic accent.


  1. Pastel colors

The cyclamen shades are preferable during the warmer days as they instantly bring mood to our daily lives. The high temperatures are certainly not an obstacle for the comfort of our feet – a small hole in the front of the toes, for example, symbolizes elegant spirit and free circulation of the air at the same time.


  1. Ribbon

Among the most iconic features of the femininity and the coquettish appearance are the ribbons. With a pretty ribbon placed on a more cut out model, the ballet slippers will accentuate skillfully on the beauty of the female legs.


  1. Childhood

For the spring-summer season are undeniably topical the inspirations from the animations and games of our childhood. The ballerinas with a heart of squares remind us a lot of our favorite “Tetris” and the eternal struggle to win the game. This time, we accept the form of love in a more unconventional way.


  1. Classic

The classical black ballerinas can be a very good choice for an evening silhouette at a dinner or a party. The elongated front part resembles the official shoe and the brilliant elements allow us to pass trough the whole night in style.


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