Star tips for walking in high heels

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There is no dispute that the shoes with high heels are beautiful, elegant and give charms to every woman. But for how many of you they are comfortable? Sometimes their wearing causes pain in the feet and legs and they are automatically replaced with flat shoes. Yes, this is an option, but read this material and see our tips on how to withstand the walking in high-heeled shoes for a longer time.




The shoes with thick current are your friend


Sometimes the shoes with a thin current may prove deadly for the feet. But if you still want to be feminine, bet on shoes with a thicker current. Their base is wider, which provides additional comfort.


Cover the top of the foot

Bet on shoes that cover the upper part of the foot or have a fastening above the ankle. In this way the feet will not slide, which is a big plus when you have to walk with high heels for a long time.


The platforms are always a good idea

 Acceptable alternative to the footwear with current are the shoes with a platform. Besides being beautiful they are and extremely comfortable. You can be sure that your feet will not get tired.


Cushions and insoles for more comfort

When choosing shoes, do not limit yourself only with how they look. Remember that the shoes with thin soles are to blame for the pain in the legs. Select a model that has insoles or cushions in the area of the toes. This will greatly reduce the inconvenience. If the model you have chosen does not have such, be sure to supply them yourself. You can find them both in the pharmacies and in the shops for shoes.


Proper walking

In order to feel comfortable when wearing high-heeled shoes it is nice to know and what is the correct gait. Remember that firstly you should step on the current and then on the toes. A significant number of women do the opposite, but remember that in this way you get tired much faster. And last but not least – do not rush and make small steps.



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