The high heels – a fashion accessory or device for torture

Image: © badmanproduction / Fotolia

The women in Great Britain who have had to seek medical care or even hospitalization due to injuries caused by high-heeled shoes are more than 3 million.

The striking data lead to a survey of health problems caused by our murderous high heels – figuratively and literally obviously. About how far women are ready to reach in their quest to always look beautiful and modern tell 3,000 women aged between 18 and 65 years.

The high shoes led 10% of the ladies to a twisted ankle or a stretched ligament. The more severe cases are characterized by a broken ankle or fractured knee caps.

One third of the women who participated in the survey have been tripping or falling at least once, and have not passed without scratches on the face, broken teeth and injuries of the hands.

Two thirds of the women were subjected to torture to wear fashionable but uncomfortable shoes, but whole 89% said they wore shoes that failed their good experiences.

Despite the unpleasant consequences, however, six out of ten women said they would not stop wearing uncomfortable shoes because for them to look good is more important than getting a few bruises. They say that the wounds will heal at some point and the discomfort will be forgotten, at least until next time.

It is amazing what we are willing to be subjected to for the sake of our stunning appearance. More than 80 percent of the women cannot resist a beautiful pair of shoes at a good price even if it is with a size smaller or terribly uncomfortable. If you have ever wondered what the magic of the beautiful but deadly uncomfortable shoes is, we think you already have the answer.


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