The mandatory autumn shoes

Say goodbye to the sandals and wrap your slippers because autumn is already here and with it comes the rain, wind and cold temperatures. But your feet will in no case lose from this because you will change your summer shoes with beautiful and modern autumn models. There are countless wonderful autumn models from which to choose. In this article we will show you the five most modern and most practical models for the fall.

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Exquisite shoes with laces

This is an outstanding retro model that is very trendy this season. The good thing about these shoes is that they are sexy in their own way and most of the models are of leather which will protect your feet from the moisture and cold. The height of the heel makes these seemingly standard shoes into something special. You can choose from currents with different thickness and height.

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The moccasins have rapidly become an alternative to the ballet shoes. They are unusually cute and have a great deal of style and class. You can choose between the model type of moccasin and the more cut model type boat. Choose a model with soft leather in gold, brown, black or silver color.

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High booties with current

This is another retro model that has been fashionable in France in the 19th century. You can select from models in leather and suede and from a wide range of warm colors such as burgundy, eggplant and gray. If you want to give these shoes extra oomph, choose a model with a high heel and platform.






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Equal boots

Equal boots are a great option for everyday shoes for the cold days. You can choose between height up to the knee and height above it. The offered models are in warm autumn colors such as red, orange, light brown and beige. These models are available with various buckles, straps and zippers that make the models different from each other, but the most important thing is to choose a model of natural leather.





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Shoes with a heel and platform

We can safely say that this is a classic model in many ways. These classic shoes are a must for any young lady, but this season they come with high platforms and retro style. This great model is available in different colors such as blue, purple, beige, pink, orange and brown. Choose your favorite style and color and be irresistible in the autumn season.


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