The modern slippers of the modern Cinderellas

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The shoes you wear on special occasions are the crown jewel of your carefully honed appearance. Therefore, it is crucial to make the right choice when deciding what to put on. It is also important to remember that you do not have to become a slave to fashion trends and not to allow your entire celebration to be marred because of too small or uncomfortable but fashionable shoes.

It is no secret that the official footwear must meet requirements different from those to the everyday shoes. It is difficult to determine exactly what model would highlight your personality on a dinner party, given the huge selection offered in the stores nowadays. Hopefully the following tips for choosing the correct shoes would help you in this sea of ​​opportunities.

Try to choose the right pair of shoes

• What a modern woman rarely takes into consideration when choosing shoes is their comfort. Your feet should not only be up to date with fashion, but also feel comfortable for you to have fun properly. No matter how famous the brand of your shoes is, you will not be happy if they do not fit you and you have to spend the party sitting on the couch with a sad look on the fun.

• This of course does not mean that you should put on your home slippers, although there may be cases where you would be a big hit with them. Note the shape and the material of which the shoes are made. There is no point to rush to shop high heels if in your everyday life you are used to walking with comfortable and stable shoes, because the whole time while wearing them, you will feel tense and alien.

• No matter how elegant a pair of shoes seems in the store – do not buy them if you are not sure they will match the chosen for the evening gown. Do not risk in order not to occur that your purchase is unnecessary and will lead to more spending.

• Before buying shoes for an evening event, give yourself a clear account to what result you aspire: to have shoes just for formal occasions or you hope to be able to wear this pair and in a more casual setting or at work. Decide these things in advance, so that later you do not have to feel qualms and guilt if you never put these shoes on.

What is worn nowadays?

Although, it is far more sensible to wear low shoes on stable soles, modern fashion trends dictate heels to become higher and higher. The most popular designers “clamber” their models on terrifying heights: Chanel, Nina Ricci, Stella McCartney, Chloe, etc.

Today are in vogue heels, which even arouse suspicion whether they are invented for walking, but the biggest variety among the modern shoes is in the shape of the heel itself. One of the few classic things left unmodified include the thin high heels, which continue to be most popular in their classic form, resembling a wine glass.

Notice the sandals that have become so fashionable a while ago. If you are keen on them, we advise you to choose ones that are as more open, more richly decorated and with intricate decorative elements. Especially modern today are sandals decorated with gilded leather, small chains, ribbons, artificial flowers, large stones or combinations of small crystals.

As for the decoration of shoes, each a more lavish decoration is unnecessary, even for the most daring party. This does not mean to reject them completely. Each more interesting color of the leather, such as a zebra print, leopard or chess, decorated with buttons, ribbons or a combination of different shades are welcome.

And of course, there are certain models which will always be in fashion and are a symbol of class and style – shoes made ​​of soft leather with golden, metallic coating or sleek, satin shoes. These are always popular options that are strictly formal and would fit any evening dress.

And which are your favorite shoes for special occasions?


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