The most common problems with the shoes

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3 quick solutions

The shoes are one of the greatest passions of the majority of women. These little treasures can easily make us feel as if we do not walk on the ground but fly.

If we add to this and the raising of the self confidence, everything is perfectly ordered. Despite these undeniable facts, the shoes can also be very treacherous.

Even the slightest tightening may turn a highly anticipated event in a living hell that you could remember for a long time … in the literal sense.

Since each problem has a solution, we decided to raise the curtains on three of the most common unpleasant situations, so you do not have to feel any more discomfort.

  1. Sliding soles

Very often, the brand new shoes have a still glossy sole that can easily be the cause of some acrobatic fall or at least a strange, startled face. To avoid this, you can easily stick rough paper on the soles. In this way not just that you will not be skating, but after your additions fall down, the soles will already be without their sliding coverage and you will not have a problem at all.

  1. Stains on suede

The suede very easily gets dirty no matter what color it is. If your favorite shoes are namely from this fabric but you can not wear them constantly simply because after each time you have to wash them, use a file for this purpose. We are talking about the paper ones that are with the most cushioned surface. Scrub the stains and in this way you will clean them.

  1. Boots without form

If you have high boots which every time that are not on your feet lose their shape, use ordinary bottles. It is best to place the bottle in the inside of the boot in order to allow it to hold the soft upper part.


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