The Mystery of the new shoes …

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… or what else do we need for perfect feet in the summer?

It is wonderful! The temperatures outside are rising slightly, and the shops fill with women looking for the perfect summer shoes. You try those great sandals that you have targeted long ago and at the very first second you are taken by feeling that can be compared only with the emotions of Cinderella, when she finally regained the second shoe of the set.

What happens after that?

You go out with the new acquisition and only after a few hours spent in the summer heats, the straps of the sandals have already sunk visibly in your swollen legs… You return to the reality of the urban Cinderella and the mystery about what else is needed for perfect legs in the summer can not stop torturing you. One thing is certain – the swollen legs do not help!

The truth is that there are multiple causes of swelling in the lower limbs. This could be retention of water, obesity, lack of exercise or chronic venous insufficiency. But in any case, the high temperatures have an extra impact on the status of your feet. Therefore each ladies bag must have a product with a cooling effect, which helps to relieve the burden, fatigue and swelling in the legs during the summer heat.

Here is what can help you

On the market are sold gels which contain four natural “healers”:

Horse chestnut extract – derived from the fruits of aescin, it has an inflammatory action and improves the strength of the vein walls.

Ruscus – acts against the retention of water, improves the venous microcirculation, the elasticity of the vein walls and reduces the inflammation of the vascular walls.

Bilberry – the bilberry fruit dispose of the toxic products from the exchange of substances (metabolism): the oxygen-containing radicals.

Gotu kola – the intake of 2-3 leaves gotu kola per day is recommended as a method for delaying of the skin aging. The improvement of the elasticity and permeability of the venous walls leads to a better blood supply to the skin.


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