The reliable ladies’ booties are again in fashion

Image: © Konovalov Pavel / Fotolia

Sometimes in their quest to make us different, unique and unforgettable, designers of women’s shoes exceed all human expectations inventing the most unusual female models of shoes. These sandals, shoes, booties and boots are a real challenge to be worn and owned by every woman.

And in the autumn of 2013 remain the great models of women’s booties and semi-booties, which direct the eyes to our slender ankle. The options are infinite – thin current, platform with a thick current and rounded nose, laces and exquisite tracery added as an accessory to the booties. The models are interesting and different. The classic current and the retro mood in the models of booties are overflowing. This year dominate the two-color models that slightly resemble masculine style with a thick sole.

Image: © Murat Şentürk / Fotolia

Leather and suede remain once again rulers in fashion trends, but also we find models that are in velvet with buckles and stones. This fall are topical the traditional colors grey, black, brown, but in some models we see and burgundy and dark blue. But we must remember that when we choose the appropriate model booties, it must be not only fashionable, but also comfortable, though these are models which are in a transitional season autumn-winter. Season of rain and warm days.

Image: © cedrov / Fotolia

Of course, most of the time we wear them at the workplace and the people around us will remember us with that how elegant and stylish we are.

The shoe indicates a person’s character. According to the designers women’s shoe models express the mood and show the plans for the day of a lady. The harmonious combination of the appropriate model booties with the proper pants, skirt and jacket, jewelry and handbag make the woman a real lady.

Autumn is a wonderful season for replacement of the wardrobe, and with it the appropriate women’s booties. We put away the summer clothes and shoes and replace them with warm and thick clothes, comfortable closed models of shoes, comfortable and stylish booties and boots. Especially modern are still the booties of suede and nubuck, they are more difficult to maintain, but will always remain beautiful and seductive models of booties.


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