The shoes – a fashion accessory or protection for the feet

Image: © alleks / Fotolia

Our ancestors from ancient times daily have had to wander around hot sand, snow or frozen rough and dangerous terrain just to get food and other vital resources. Shoes at that time had a very important task – to protect the unprotected feet from the adverse ground conditions.

Naturally then, the shoes at all have not looked like those we know today, but still they were shoes and they are the ancestors of those which today we buy from the shiny windows of the boutiques. Over time began to form different types of shoes for different surfaces and needs as a whole. Bit by bit were then originated the different styles of shoes – women’s, men’s, children’s. Different sizes and different colors. This initiated the shoe fashion industry. Only a few centuries after the creation of the first model, the shoes turned into something no one expected – an expression of individuality, style and even social class.

Even in ancient Greece for the aristocratic ladies was quite normal to have 30 pairs of shoes and a servant who takes care of them, but these women counted on the fingers of one hand. Not to mention that the variety of women’s shoes, then has not been quite as great.

According to studies conducted in the beginning of 2012 in the UK 15% of the women spend more than £ 1,000 a year just for ladies shoes. Nearly all of them admitted that they have over 100 pairs. This is proof enough that the shoes are no longer used for what they were created. The fashion industry and the constant commercials seriously affect today’s consumer. Rarely may you encounter a lady with shoe model from last year or with such, which do not fit perfectly with her ​​clothes.

Another example of the boom of the shoe industry is the well-known Carrie Bradshaw from the famous television series. She admits that all the designer shoes and clothes which she owns are worth over 90 thousand dollars and at the same time she has no home of her own. The fact that this is considered to be normal these days is a little worrying, but the obsessed with shoes women have certainly not completely lost their minds. They still have not forgotten the primary purpose of shoes – the protection of the feet. If some shoes are not well maintained, they would rather hurt our feet and leave us calluses, than to help in some way.

Despite the radical changes over the centuries, shoes remain means to protect our feet. The expression of style through them is important, but more important is to feel comfortable in them.


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