The shoes in the office – a step towards success. Part 1

Image: © Natalya Zelenova / Fotolia

“Hi, currently I am not here but my shoes are, so you can leave them a message.”

Who else if not Carrie Bradshaw would have recorded this message on her answering machine? The attractive writer definitely knows how important partners are the heels. And you do not hesitate to take an example from her obsession because the most direct route to the tops of your career is travelled with the appropriate business shoes.


The rules of the game

Do you remember how Carrie and Big became engaged? Instead of a ring he offered her marriage with… shoes! How to refuse to Manolo Blahnik? Well, in business, things are about the same, only with a few minor differences. In this case, the goal is to win the favor of your bosses to appreciate that you are worthy of promotion.


To achieve it, as a starting you must make a good impression, and where it is most likely to happen, not in a huge wardrobe, but a business lunch, party or travel. Of such events to stand out with impeccable style is more than mandatory. And, of course, one of the most secure ways to do that is to bet on the favorite fashion accessory of Miss Bradshaw. High heels are obligatory and the tradition dictates that the model of the shoes to be closed, solved in black or dark blue tint. The rest is the ability to decipher the rules of the game…


Valuable employees control the rules of the game to perfection, but the priceless – they are able to create their own path to success. The same goes for their shoes. So if you want to clearly state your position of a future irreplaceable cadre you will need to comply not only with the dress code of the company, but also your individuality.


The goal is to get noticed but without cheating on the laws of clothing in the business world – simple style, elegant line and unobtrusive colors. And in order to still be able to stand out, opt for models with up to 5 cm heel with an interesting accent. This may be a refined buckle, delicate inlay with stones or a satin detail for instance.


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