The shoes in the office – a step towards success. Part 2

Image: © Murat Şentürk / Fotolia

Dress code: Business official

This is the generally accepted business dress code – simple style which not to look cluttered. It is suitable for meetings with important partners or for a working lunch. To fit in it, bet on quality leather shoes in exquisite colors and forget about sports models or the sandals. Feel free to take advantage of the current fashion trends, but without missing to comply with the business rules.

Dress code: Semi-formal

This dress code is ideal for business dinners and cocktail parties, but it is much more difficult to implement. According to its laws you must be able to highlight your own style, feel comfortable in your clothing, and at the same time to radiate respect and elegance. The heels of your shoes should be thin and averagely high. It is recommended that the model on which you consider to bet on, to keep pace with the trends of the season, but never too eccentric.

Four seasons

The basic law that rules in the world of business shoes is: “Forget about the open models and boots”. Well, the boots are still admissible but the simple and elegant options that reach maximum to the knee and it is necessarily to have a current. Note that business shoes are mostly intended for women who occupy a leading position or aspire to it. Such a woman must emit respect and regardless of the weather conditions, to strive to adhere to the standard. Therefore, it is better in the winter or the summer period to always have a suitable pair which to stay in your office.

Except to comply with the laws of the dress code that is required, you must know how to choose the shoes and according to the situation you are in, and according to your clothing.

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At the office – low or medium heels – it is mandatory, however, to bet on a quality model made ​​of natural leather and feel comfortable in your shoes.

At a meeting or presentation in front of clients – It is better your shoes to be equal or with a low current, and most importantly – they should not be heard while you are moving. If you still prefer the higher models, you can rely on one, but under no circumstances it should not look provocative.

Image: © Murat Şentürk / Fotolia

At a working lunch – the perfect choice is a chic, more cut, but not opened model that looks stylish and elegant.

For a suit with skirt – in this case the most appropriate would be to combine your outfit with more cut out shoes with a current. You can bet on a closed to the ankles model, but only if the company where you work allows a little more unconventional solutions in the clothing.

For a dress – you must necessarily combine this outfit with shoes on a 5 cm high current.

For a suit with trousers – you can supplement it even with a type of low shoes – ballet slippers or moccasins. In this case, the choice would be suitable because it is assumed that you bet on such apparel in the name of comfort while you are in motion to do your job duties. Of course, the best combination is with the high heels. 


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