The shoes of the season

The style is not subject to excuses. The temperatures outside are very low and the clothes for home – the most comfortable. So what? This is certainly no reason to kill the passion of us women to the stylish and valuable clothing and accessories. On the contrary, we feel triggered by the weather conditions, to show the best that we are capable of.

Wrapped in warm knits with confident steps with high (or not so) current, we are determined to whisk a judgmental finger at the winter and prove that low temperatures cannot kill our love for the style.

And mentioning this love of ours, inevitably we think of a universal passion – the shoes. High or low, black or colored, comfortable or uncomfortable – we love them all.

Their high quality in the coldest season is extremely important in order to feel comfortable during the day. Besides qualitative, the shoes for the winter  must be also stylish, and the great fashion bible Vogue has taken care this season to present to us the best models with which we can delight our feet. Check them out!

Image: © adisa / Fotolia


Fluff, fur and softness

The first association, which resemble those soft proposals, is heat. And considering what is happening outside, we certainly would not refuse to look like polar bears, feeling comfortable at lower temperatures.





Image: © Peter Atkins / Fotolia



Rock and roll

Leather shoes are classic. Reminiscent of boldness and confidence. Moreover, they look so admirable as with low soles as well as with a high heel.








Image: © Tom / Fotolia

Cowboy girls with booties

In the list of mandatory winter shoes Vogue pay attention and to the cowboy style. This type of leather shoes reminiscent of the Wild West and the adventures of brave sheriffs. In the streets we cannot ride horses, but we would walk with a pair of cowboy boots, grabbing the attention of the locals.









Image: © Khuciev Nick / Fotolia

Snake boldness

With special admiration the fashion bible refers to the shoes with snake decorations. To us they look too exotic and we do not believe that they are appropriate for each lady. At least combined with the improper clothes and heavy makeup, the snake boots will only reinforce the kitschy look.






Image: © dimj / Fotolia

High, but confidently

Shoes with high soles proved to be the most preferred trend of the season. If you have recently walked along the central city streets, surely you have noticed them, hanging in the shop windows. Besides looking sexy, this type of shoes are comfortable and appropriate for ladies who have no experience with high heels. Guarantee. Still some of us are of those inexperienced but motivated girls.


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