6 steps towards purchasing the right boots for snowboard

Image: © Dmitry Naumov / Fotolia

One of the most important parts of the equipment for snowboarding are your snowboard boots. They are your connection to the snowboard and if you do not spend enough time to choose the right shoes, you can spoil all the fun of the riding. Here are some quick tips on how to buy your shoes.

Shoes for fast bindings or for bindings with straps

First you need to decide what will be the shoes – for traditional bindings with straps or for the newer fast bindings that resemble the bindings of the ski and are fastened automatically. If you decide to buy those, you must buy the bindings and the shoes together. This is because the shoes which are designed for bindings with straps are not compatible with the other kind. The current trend is to use soft shoes intended for bindings with straps.

The size

No matter how long it will take to search and try on shoes, it is important to find the ones that suit you best. If you buy shoes which in the store have been comfortable on the slope may occur that they are not. Make sure the shoes to be tight-fitting to your feet. Remember, you must be patient. The different brands of shoes fit to different types of feet. So seek to find your shoes.

Trying on

Here are some things to remember when you try on the shoes. First of all, wear appropriate socks. Put on the shoes and place your heel tightly to the back of the shoe. Then tie your shoe laces, but do not tighten too much. Then close the outer part of the shoe. Repeat with the other. Put the bindings and stand up. Pay attention to how tightly they cover your feet. Move back and forth to make sure that the shoes fit snugly around your feet and there is no friction between them, which later may cause discomfort.

Unsticking of the heels

Unsticking of the heels happens when you lean forward as you have put the shoes and your heels come off without the snowboard to come off. This has to be minimized by finding the most suitable shoes for you.

Inner boot

There are many advantages of having inner boots or lining. Usually the internal shoes are tied as the external and they give you extra stability when you are on the slope. You can remove the inner shoes and dry them if needed after a long riding.

Some shoes have additional features…

While looking for the appropriate shoes, you will notice that with the increase of the price increase and the extras. As an example, air pumps. The most important thing to remember is that these supplements are useless if in the first place the shoes do not fit you well.


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