Barefoot = healthy!

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For years, it is spoken of how useful it is to run and walk without shoes. But as the appropriate weather for that finally came and this year we decided once again to go over this topic. In case you are still wondering, “Why should I get my feet dirty?” of the following lines you will realize that walking without shoes actually purifies – the consciousness. And it cannot be washed with soap and water as the feet.

1. It is good for the muscles in the lower leg

Running with sports shoes prevents those specific muscles from working the way nature has allotted. As a result, they become weak and prone to injury, which could lead to an ankle sprain, fracture of the tibia and other troubles. Simply put, walking barefoot strengthens the feet, and healthy feet mean and healthier body.

2. Protects against varicose veins

The movement we get from the free feet helps the leg muscles to pump blood back to the heart. This process is not as effective when we are wearing shoes.

3. Without blisters, unpleasant odor and bruising of the nail

Blisters can be obtained by the friction between the skin and the shoe, and even the best quality shoes hide such a risk.

Blueness of the nail is a common complaint for people who run a lot. This often happens from the hitting of the fingers in the front of the shoe. When we are not barefoot, it happens at every step.

The sneakers are a great environment for bacterial and fungal infections. Itching, unpleasant odor – the opportunity to have such headaches is drastically reduced if you often walk barefoot.

4. It has a relaxing effect, eases the mind

The very feeling that comes over us when we take our shoes off is very different from our state in the rest of the hours everyday stress. We do not feel as ambitious nor as alarming. Walking barefoot clears the mind wonderfully, as the person focuses that to watch where he steps (which is a must – otherwise you can hurt yourself badly and this makes senseless all the talk about barefoot health!).

It is obligatory at least from time to time to relax in such a carefree way, because precisely from our stressful consciousness come and most health problems.

5. Increases the vital energy “chi”

According to the fans of the Chinese philosophy this natural energy that fills everything in the universe is extremely important for the well-being of body and soul. When you touch the ground with bare feet, they take more “chi” from it.

We will finish with an inspiring slogan of the Society for barefoot lifestyle: “Free your feet and your mind will follow!”


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