Choose your “glass slippers” for the prom!

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Find out which shoes are appropriate for your dress and how to combine the colors

In today’s material we will pay attention to a very important part of the overall vision of the future graduates. We decided to look at the most appropriate shoes, depending on the color of the dress, its length, color and shape.

As you know, the balls are in the spring, allowing the graduates to choose from closed shoes to cut out sandals. We’ll give you some tips on how to combine the whole outfit by giving you a few suggestions.

We will first start with the color of the shoes. It of course, is determined by that of your dress. For example, if you choose a dress in the candy range of baby pink or mint green it is nice your shoes to be in the same color. There must be no large discrepancy in the nuances.

Another proposal, which we will give you for this range is to combine two colors. However, this is only allowed if your dress is not too formal. Extremely topical are the combinations of pastel colors with gold or silver shades. As well as the accessories that are in this range.

As regards the bright colors like yellow, grass green and cobalt blue, you can bet on the contrast. Blue and yellow is a great combination, just like cyclamen and orange. In order to obtain a good vision, choose one shade for the shoes and bag. If you’re more daring and truly love the colors of the rainbow, stop at most at three but match your makeup and jewelry with them. This combining would be appropriate as long as your dress is not satin or inlaid with stones or beads.

If you are among the admirers of the classics – white, black, red and beige – look for shoes in the same colors to suit your dress. If you want all the attention of the people around you in the incredible model of your outfit bet on black simple shoes.

Because we mentioned the word “simple” we will move on to the decorations, which may end up on your shoes. The glittering stones are preferred by the graduates and are a good option for accenting.

You can bet on them if your dress is not enough decorated. You can choose from a variety of options – overall littered with stones, discreetly appearing or with an interesting decoration.

Except with stones, you can find ones with satin ribbons or of the material on the very shoe.

Besides stones and ribbons, your shoes may have laces. They can be wrapped around the ankle itself, or up to the calf, but also along the upper part of the shoe. For the more extravagant of you we offer eyelets and studs. They are really a distinctive accent in the outfit that will definitely show your bold side. This type of decoration is extremely relevant.

From the decorations we go to the fabrics, which are also of great importance. Suede and satin are an appropriate option when choosing the material, from which are manufactured ​​the shoes. Lace is also not for disregard as it is very delicate and can easily be used for a kind of ending of your vision.

Of course, the choice of fabric for the shoes depends on your dress. Consider it and you can not go wrong. The patent leather proposals are also a good choice. They are elegant, classic and go with almost any fabric.

Now let us consider the most important – the model of the shoe. As already mentioned, the spring allows you to choose among different types of shoes. Ultimately, however, most girls stop at the closed models with heels and the sandals.

You can opt for shoes with cut out toes, with cut out heel, or both in combination. The sandals can have two thin straps – one at the fingers and one at the ankle or else overall to be wrapped with straps.

The options are many and you have to decide, but be careful with the combinations. If you choose a long formal dress, bet on shoes with closed toes, rounded or with pointed tip. They are very modern, sexy and feminine.

Otherwise bet on very gentle high sandals with the least possible straps. If you are with a short dress, you can choose a more courageous version of the extravagant proposals.


Do not forget to choose those that make you smile and make you feel good and beautiful!




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