Colors and jewelry in the design of women’s shoes for the winter

Image: © Artur Synenko / Fotolia

Using jewelry and the contrast of various colors in the shoes is not a new tendency.

The fashion for women’s shoes is something that constantly changes. It is a fact that most women constantly want to buy shoes and designers aim to always introduce variety in the tendencies and the models.

For the fall and winter the designers have prepared shoes and boots in pastel colors but with colorful prints and even laces.

This way is kept the tendency of the bright colors and contrasts that was characteristic for the summer. This year the darkest and most monotonous months of the year will be freshened with a rich range, as characteristic will be combinations of colors and various coloring of separate parts of the ladies shoes.

You can see variously colored heels and bottoms as the contrast of colors will be significant.

This way is given the opportunity for greater selection of color combinations which to comply with the demand. The combination of brick red and olive green shoes with white heel or colored bottoms will be much more frequent in the models.

Platforms will again be fashionable as they also can be in a different color. The winter months suggest fewer dark shades but this year designers put a stress on colors such as red, white, black and brandy as the colors are combined.

People increasingly prefer soft leather fabrics as the height of the women’s boots will be a little under the knee and with the classical sharp shape. The very high boots remain in history. The contrast between the bottom and the upper part of the boot will be characteristic for this winter. The combination between red boots with black heels and bottoms and white boots with black heels will be a total hit. The elegance with all this diversity of colors and contrasts will be seen on the shop shelves and the choice will not be easy.

Other tendency for the upcoming autumn-winter season is the use of jewelry. Pearls, precious stones, crystals, embroidery from golden thread and other extravagant motives will be very fashionable. Prada and Dolce & Gabbana already presented their new collections of women’s shoes where most shoes have crystals and satin, pearls and precious stones.

If you are not inclined to such extravagance you can choose from the more modest models that are also very up-to-date. The combination of colors and accessories gives opportunity for every taste to find what is appropriate.

White boots with a silver heel are an elegant choice.

Some models are very bold when it comes to colors.

This diversity often startles women in their choice and makes them buy more pairs which should not annoy their men. Women love buying shoes and men like watching the pretty ladies’ legs. What better can a woman have than a couple of pair of elegant shoes?


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