Fashionable Seductions – The High Boots

Image: © Voyagerix / Fotolia

The high boots are one of the main decorations of the lady’s vision during the cold winter days. They give a seductive look, femininity, radiate sex appeal and are a perfect way to highlight the exquisite curves of the female legs. How to choose the right model of high boots?


High boots without a zipper

The fashion trends continue to pay attention to the models without zippers and buckles. They are put on freely on the leg, which is quite convenient and practical. They are suitable for a combination with tight pants, jeans, leather clothing. If you decide to combine them with a dress, the effect will also be great, highlighting the contrast between femininity and brutality.


High boots with a zipper

Outstanding are the so modern models, expanded at the top. They fit perfectly with short dresses, skirts, leather pants, tunics and blouses. The classical strict models with pointed tips and high current are also very relevant. With them guaranteed you will look super stylish and elegant.



What apparel to combine the high boots with?

As we already mentioned, short dresses, skirts and tunics are perfect for them. All knitted clothes are also a good solution. Of course, if you want to shine in your full glamour, do not bet on long skirts because they will hide the beauty of the high boots. Another suitable option for a combination is the tight trousers. With leggings you will surely also look very chic. In this case, it will be very effective if the colors of the pants and the boots are resolved in bright contrast. This always gives the ladies a more youthful and playful look.


As for the outerwear, it can be said that there is hardly one that does not stay well, combined with high boots. Especially attractive is the combination of high boots and a cape type coat. If you add to this a straight or narrow short skirt, you will look extremely feminine. For a more business-like look, put on a straight coat and skirt with a maximum length to the top of the boots.


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