How to choose the right sneakers

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The right choice when buying whatever we need in our daily life is very important. It regards to sneakers as well. The first thing you need to be clear with is what will be the purpose of the sneakers – just to be fashionable, for sports, for picnic, for mountain trips and so on. Sneakers have an upper part – ties, tongue, feet and sole. Most brands pay great attention to the sole. Because namely it makes the sneakers comfortable. It should be with the right fixation and should be of a fabric which protects the feet from slipping and sweating. The sole should be soft and elastic.

The fabric of a sneaker is very important as well. They are manufactured from artificial and natural leather. It is not even worth mentioning that sneakers of natural leather are the best choice because in them the feet feel comfortable and do nоt get hot as in the artificial ones. If you cannot distinguish the artificial from the natural leather, there is an easy trick. Place your hand in the sneaker for about 10 seconds, if your hand sweats, it is artificial leather. The other way is by bending the sneaker with hand in the front part and after releasing it, if the wrinkles straighten, it is natural leather. The sole is very important, it should be made of a material that is not easily worn down. Expensive brands use the so called EVA materials and the SpEVA material. They make the sole elastic and more flexible. On the place of the heel is placed a special helium balloon thanks to which the sole acts better when pressed without being deformed.

How long will the sneakers be used depends on many factors as:
Frequency of use
Quality of the sneakers

Very important is to wear the sneakers at the store with the type of socks which you will usually wear the sneakers with. It is nice to try the sneakers when your feet are swollen because then you will find out if the sneakers are comfortable.

Our advice is to choose quality sneakers from specialized stores so you and your feet can be satisfied.



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