How to improve our gait

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Scientists say that walking with very light or without shoes is the most helpful thing you can do for your feet.


Walking barefoot is the way the legs utilize their entire motor potential and something extremely useful. If more frequently you walk barefoot and it properly, you will understand that this is an easier and more accurate way of movement, which among other things, has a strong auto mechanical corrective effect on the whole body.


Unfortunately, most of us have grown up with the habit to wear hard, limiting shoes or those designed to maintain, shape and soften the foot. Both types can lead to amendments in the gait, more joint strain and wrong learned walking routine. For that and the accommodation to walking barefoot can be difficult… The truth is that you simply must once again learn to walk and run, but with more will anyone can change his habits.


These are some simple tips that can improve your technique of walking, whether you decide to change your shoes:


Walk upright with “head held high”. The back straight and exported chest, head over your shoulders and shoulders parallel to the pelvis.

The weight must be transferred from the heel to the toe of the foot with a smooth “unsticking” movement.

The steps are good to be short and quick: Most people make the mistake to walk with long strides, which means that they step harder and heavily on their heels. The ordinary shoes encourage this wrong practice with their thickened soles and heels, which may prevent the pain in the heels but cannot stop the jolt of the joints and the whole rest of the body.


You must have a calm and even rhythm.


Walking is one of the best forms of exercise, so enjoy it!


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