If you are feeling pain in the legs and knees make yourself a special massage

Image: © fred goldstein / Fotolia

The massage is a great and very natural relaxing and pain relieving therapy. Unfortunately, however, we do not always have the time and money to go to a professional masseur. On the other hand we can regularly do a quite easy massage to relieve the pain in the legs and knees.


• Pain in the lower leg section – while sitting on the couch, bend one of your legs at the knee and place it on the thigh of the other. Begin first to caress the calf muscles, and then start rubbing a little more vigorously.


• Pain in the knees – massage the knee joint while in a sitting or standing position, rubbing it with the palms of both of your hands. After that fold it several times energetically and then let the knee relax.


• Pain in the legs – sit down and with both of your hands several times energetically rub the front surface of the legs, starting from the toes to the knee joint and the thigh (3-4 times). After that with circular movements of the fingers of both of your hands rub the outside of the legs, focus on the ankle. Then massage your forefoot (also with circular movements). Massage the lower part of the foot in the opposite direction, and then rub each toe separately. Finish the massage with caressing movements of the whole legs.


Rules for self-massage:


• never press so much that to cause discomfort or new bruises on your body;

• adopt a comfortable position in which your muscles are most relaxed;

• make the massage with clean and warm hands;

• do the massage from 5 to 20 minutes depending on its purpose;

• for easier slipping on the skin use a natural vegetable oil.


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