In the color matrix of the shoes

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No matter what color opportunities for shoes offers the market, when it comes to elegant high heels or other types of shoes that are associated with style and elegant wear, women often stick to the classic black. In order to dare to remove the black shoes as an accessory for any outfit, women should be directed to the basic principles that will help them. This in turn will lead to their introduction into the color matrix of the shoes.


  • If your clothing has a dominant color, your shoes could be in the color shade of this color
  • Besides the black, gray and beige (tan) also go well with any outfit
  • You can never go wrong with: from head to toe in a single color



These simple rules are useful when you do not have time to think but you want to organize your wardrobe according to your personal feelings and understandings of fashion. Dive into the color matrix and choose your shoes based on combinations of clothes.


Look for your favorite color in the shoes in order to combine it with your favorite colors in your wardrobe.


  • Blue shoes – the blue matches with yellow, neutral colors, brown, white and green
  • Golden shoes – they combine perfectly with black, white, emerald green, blue, and burgundy
  • Green shoes – great with brown, black, blue, neutral colors and yellow
  • Orange shoes – you will not go wrong in the combination with blue, white, earth tones, red and yellow
  • Purple shoes – neutral colors, dark blue, pink, green
  • Red shoes – try with pink, orange, red and white, neutral colors, dark blue
  • Silver shoes – white, red, purple, neutral colors, indigo, black


Sandals, espadrilles, high heels, cut out shoes, slippers, formal, casual, sporty – many different types of shoes combined according to your taste. Anyway the colors also carry their psychological impact on you and make an impression to the others.

Choose the color of your shoes according to your mood and according to what you want to show as a message to the world.


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