Move away men, the women have a new love

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Finally we found results of a monitoring which sound adequately. A new study for shoes from ShopSmart – a publication of consumer reports, interviewed more than 1,000 women and found that the average American woman owns 17 pairs of shoes and spends an average of $ 49 for a pair. That sounds quite right, does it? Some women obsessed with the shoes surely now shake their heads disapprovingly. Well yes, you may not fall into that category. 13% of women have more than 30 pairs, not counting the controversial. Is it better now? Here are some cool extracts from the report:

  • · Women buy approximately 3 pairs of shoes per year
  • · 39% of them prefer low to whatever others
  • · 33% of women have spent more than $ 100 for one pair
  • · only 25% have worn shoes whose heels are 10 cm or more
  • · 46% have bought ugly but comfortable shoes, while 60% ​​suffer pain at the expense of beauty
  • · 61% wear comfortable shoes in their bags to change
  • · 48% have had injuries associated with the shoes
  • · 19% are shopping in order to lift their mood
  • · 29% shop on the Internet
  • · 14% have hidden at least one purchase from their mate
  • · 51% notice the shoes of the others
  • · 28% believe that the shoes make the outfit

So many women are obsessed with shoes, and Lisa Lee Freeman – chief of ShopSmart says: “The shoes never make your butt look big. You do not need to worry about whether you will be able to get into them, if you gain a few pounds. They can make you feel sexy in seconds.

This makes perfect sense. The only thing with which we are unable agree are some of the rates.

We do not know about the U.S., but in general, no self-respecting woman prefers low shoes, let alone is afraid of high heels. In addition, we would like to ask that one which only buys 3 pairs per year – to come to visit us, because we believe she does not exist.


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