Recognize the counterfeits of Gucci and Prada

Image: © Andrey Bandurenko / Fotolia

If you are a fan of the expensive and famous brands, but do not know how to distinguish the fake from the original, the following lines are for you. The chance to get into the trap of some dishonest merchant is quite big. Surely many ladies have been deprived from the opportunity to be proud of a new Prada bag or Gucci shoes when outside the store they realized that they did not take the original. In order not to let such errors, or at least to minimize them, we suggest several steps for which, if you watch out, you might get a real world famous acquisition.


With regard to the women’s shoes, in recent times appear on the market all sorts of imitations. Therefore, to find the actual among the fakes has become quite a difficult task. What can tell you most, whether you are buying an original or not, is the price. Gucci and Prada are extremely expensive, but quality brands so as you see their products at a lower price, do not buy the item at all. It is worth to spend more money on something real, rather than less but on a fake.

Another element that speaks of poor quality is the lack of warranty. There is no way the popular brands to not define “expiry date” of their products.


Pretty much the same applies and to the various models handbags. Besides the price, which is the main indicator – a bag of 100 euros is certainly not Gucci or Prada, here’s how to easily identify the counterfeit. In the Gucci models, each bag has the sign GG, located parallel to the seams. It is everywhere – on the zip, outside and inside the very bag. Moreover, the branded handbags are sold with a special white or green identification card, which has a side hole and a serial number that make it unique.


For Prada we will say that it can be recognized by the letter R, it is slightly distorted. Besides that the brand name is engraved on all metal parts. If you have noticed on the bags, along the entire inner side, horizontally, are written Prada inscriptions, and under the label Made in Italy. Of course, here also there is a serial number that ends the unique appearance of the model.


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