Sneakers for running – what should everyone know

Image: © Maridav / FotoliaRunning is a simple exercise that anyone can do. No special equipment is required and it is not necessary to go to lessons. The only thing you need is strong will and free time. And a pair of running shoes, of course!

Many people do not pay any attention to the sports shoes they use for running. Sometimes they use sneakers for tennis, basketball or any sports shoes that are appropriate for some other sport but not for running.

This is not very reasonable!

Have you ever wondered why a certain type of trainers is designed for a specific sport? This is because many studies have been conducted encompassing almost all aspects of the specific activity, such as the convenience and health.

So specifically for running is better to use running shoes.

This kind of trainers are specially designed to protect the feet from the specific load that results from running. Usually with them the heel is slightly raised to reduce the stress on the Achilles tendon. Moreover, the space for the toes is larger, they have more improvements for the impact absorption and better covering of the leg. Last but not least, they are made to be softer.

Using running sneakers you will reduce the likelihood of an injury.

And it is best if you have two pairs of these sneakers instead of one. So if you get wet when running in wet weather you will have a dry pair at hand.

If you plan to buy sports shoes for jogging, do it at the end of the day. Or again measure your foot to determine the size you wear at the evening, if you are going to order them from an online store. This is because at that time your feet are slightly swollen. And because running also makes them puffy, it is best if you have predicted this effect.

Buy good and quality shoes. Remember that they are the only protection for you and your feet from the asphalt road along which you run. So it is justified to spend a little more money.

The best time to replace your old sneakers is after a whole year of use. This account comes only if you use them only for running, not for other activities. Or another indicator that it is time to consider a new pair is when you start to feel uncomfortable wearing them.  Calluses and blisters will start coming out, your joints will hurt etc. Not paying attention to these signs can lead to more serious injuries and bruises.

So best pay attention to what kind of running sneakers you will use to make sure that the sport will carry only positive results.


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