The art of trying shoes

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“From a new pair of shoes we should get pleasure rather than calluses” – is the opinion of many women who have suffered around the world. Therefore, when choosing shoes we should pay attention to a few simple indications that will help us not to go wrong with the shopping.

Shoes are purchased in the first half of the day, then the leg is “in shape” while in the afternoon the foot gets swollen. We also need to try both shoes, because every woman has the distinction (although minimal) in the size of the feet. It happens one of the shoes to fit perfectly and the other to be narrow.

When putting on the new pair of shoes we must not only stand in front of the mirror, but to walk around: if the fingers are not pressed but can wiggle, if on the inside the foot feels free and comfortable: this is the shoe!

In length nor one shoe does not expand (naturally – it expands only widely). If the thumb or index finger touches the wall of the shoe, we give up on it and boldly ask for a larger number. In width, the shoes made ​​of natural materials stretch a little bit, but those of artificial – no. The rubber sandal (very fashionable at the moment) does not expand.

The nose and heel of the shoe should be soft and elastic. In the name of your comfort when you try the shoe you should push gently with your finger the heel and the nose of the shoe – in the quality and properly processed pairs the hollow of the pressure disappears on its own. The others we do not need!

When you buy high heels you must be sure that the shoe fits exactly. Otherwise, when expanded, it will be too wide. And you will repeat the story of Cinderella. The bad thing is that today’s princes do not hunt the lost crystal slippers. Neither the girls in socks.

In shoes from natural leather the leg does not sweat, does not moisten, it breathes inside. No matter how good is the quality of artificial leather – it may look great, but for hygiene characteristics it is far behind.

If the insole of the shoe is bright, everything is OK, but if it is dark it could paint our socks. However, if the shoes are beautiful as anything else in the world we can buy them, but to change the insole.

Many people try out the quality of the shoe by cracking it up so that the nose and heel to touch. This is wrong! Besides that, the shoe could be damaged by such an intervention, quality goods should not be so elastic! The good shoe is slightly mobile in the interval between the heel and toes (where on the leg is located our “arch”), but there is no need to bend as a pretzel.

Finally: when trying you must make sure that the heel does not “swim”, and the fingers are not crammed like fish in a can.

If the arch is very high (there are such people, their legs are shaped like “horse foot” – such are most of the ballerinas), not to torture the leg, put an insole for arch (supinator).


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