The fashion of wearing socks with sandals

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Often we are in a hurry, the time is not enough for us, and we dress and put on the first thing we see in our wardrobe. We do not even consider the simple combination of matching shoes and a bag, for example.


Fashion specialists gathered in a list some fashion blunders that we have to try to avoid, so we do not look ridiculous. So before you go out, look into the mirror and make sure that in your vision you do not find the listed 5 gaffs.


  1. Very tight or very loose clothing – wrong size.
  2. Accumulation of accessories – too much kitsch.
  3. Shoes with socks – this is the biggest gaff of all time, according to the British.
  4. Excessive visibility – heavily cropped neckline, excessive nudity, short skirts and dresses.
  5. Incorrect matching of colors – rolling circus, wrong color combinations of the clothes.


In fact, point 3, wearing socks with shoes and sandals, is a little controversial. In the UK, they have voted for this gaff as the fashion misunderstanding of the century, but in fact a lot of Hollywood celebrities resort to tricks in the clothing and take advantage of the negatives, making them a plus. Sarah Jessica Parker, for example, is often spotted wearing sandals with socks. It turns out that this trend also has followers in the United States and Europe. Fashion designers even joke and say that there is nothing better than the blunders – on them they base their next collections. And here comes the fashion of wearing socks … with sandals and shoes. How to do it properly so as not to look ridiculous on the street?


For the length of the sock we have to say one thing – either to the ankle or to the knee. Average position is almost inadmissible. We say almost, because for a particular woman it may turn out a good combination.


Choose both mesh and thick socks. Let them complement the vision and not stand out in bright colors. Bring a touch of freshness to your everyday outfit.


Do not put woolen socks – for them the red light is on. Prohibited are the accessories of wool, even with shoes with high soles.


Were you shocked by these suggestions? This is precisely the desire of most designers – to make a woman feel different, beautiful and self-confident, whatever she puts on. And our desire is to give you new ideas for the coming spring – summer season.


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