The modern classics in the summer shoes

Image: © Maxim Malevich / Fotolia

Again it is time for renovation of the wardrobe and quite understandable, we need a few new pairs of summer shoes. In most cases there is no way to know what exactly as a model or color shoes we will need in the summer. We just want to renew our collection and make sure that whatever event or occasion, we will be able to dress up adequately.

Some classic models summer shoes are always up to date. They are even more easily combined with different clothing, they are beautiful and are extremely comfortable for each leg. Namely:


Elegant summer shoes with pointed toes. Prevalent in the fashion lines this season and are suitable for every formal occasion. They are made usually of light natural leather or patent leather and are suitable for the warm days and evenings. You can select them in a comfortable and suitable for your figure height. But in any case, make sure that your toes feel good, rather than pressed or unnaturally bent in the shoes.

Summer shoes on a platform – another model with which you will be modern. Their biggest advantage is that you wear high shoes with the confidence that you are wearing equal sandals. Wear with any summer outfits and you will be as comfortable throughout the day and during the long nights.

Summer boots and booties or women’s slippers. These models are still current. However, leave the rubber boots for the winter. For the summer are more suitable their options from soft leather and textiles. Usually these summer shoes are pretty cut out around the feet and virtually represent an interesting mix of slipper and extravagant trouser leg.

Summer shoes in bright and warm colors. In the summer your shoes for every day should not be necessarily black or white to suit all of your outfits. You will easily combine your clothes with shoes in rich yellow, pink or orange. And if you want to be even more impressive, choose shoes in colorful floral prints or platforms.


Whatever shoes to choose – not one but several pairs, remember that summer is the season of fresh and bright colors and patterns. So do not be afraid to experiment with colors and try something new. It may be a pretty good fit for your overall appearance and self-esteem.


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