The most expensive brands of handbags and shoes in the world!

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These are not just shoes. These are breathtaking works of art which dreams to have every lady. Unique, incredible and famous all over the world – these are the favorite brands of women. The shoes and bags that every woman wants to have. And for good reason! They are made by the world’s best designers and the materials that they are manufactured of are of exceptional quality and to some extent justify the expensive investment.


Manolo Blahnik


Manolo Blahnik is often called the “king of shoes.” What distinguishes his work from the others is the special outsole, which besides highlighting the curves of the legs, allows women to move gracefully and keep balance on the high heels that are his trademark. In addition to Carrie Bradshaw, who has in her wardrobe shoes for over 400 000 dollars, “Manolo Blahnik” is a favorite brand and of a bunch of women around the world, including Madonna, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.


Jimmy Choo


The works of Jimmy Choo are just as inspiring and there is hardly any woman who does not dream of at least one pair in her wardrobe. The designer believes that the shoes and bags are what gives identity and self-esteem of every woman and every model is made with “heart and soul”. Jennifer Lopez and Cheryl Cole are among the most famous fans of “Jimmy Choo”.


Christian Louboutin


Unique and unparalleled are also the shoes of Christian Louboutin. Specific in his models is the red color of the outsole. The idea for the colored sole “illuminates” the designer shortly after he opened his first store. Entering the office, Louboutin sees his assistant polishing her nails red. The designer takes the nail polish and paints the soles of a pair of shoes, and shortly thereafter creates the most successful collection in which the soles of all models are colored. “Christian Louboutin” is the favorite brand of Rihanna, Beyonce, Olivia Wilde and many famous personalities.


Louis Vuitton


The shoes and bags of Louis Vuitton are also among the most expensive and favorite brands of the ladies. Luxurious, elegant and incredible, the works with the brand “Louis Vuitton” are among the most sought after in the world. One of the favorite brands of Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow.




Just Gucci! The best Italian brand. From the perfumes to the shoes and bags, Gucci are always perfect and exquisite. Unless you encounter a fake! Like a number of famous brands and “Gucci” has a lot fakes.




Another brand with stable market positions. “Prada” produces some of the most popular and liked ladies’ shoes, handbags and accessories. Even The Devil Wears “Prada”!




“Furla” is unquestionably one of the fashion dictators in respect of the bags. The Italian company produces true masterpieces that differ with style, grace, elegance and … exorbitant prices.




Unique models of handbags, produces and “Fendi”. Colors and patterns suitable for any lady with financial capabilities …


This is the list that we made for you. If you think we missed any brand that deserves to be included in this ranking we will be glad for you to let us know in the comments below.


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