The most suitable shoes for Skinny Jeans

Image: © T.Tulic / Fotolia

Select with what to combine the tight pants

The skinny jeans are extremely fashionable this and every other spring for two reasons. First, they perfectly underline the shapes of the body, contributing their proud owner to acquire confidence to the sky. Second, they are combined successfully with almost any clothes, shoes and accessories.


Namely of the shoes we will pay a little more attention today. We will show you which are the most suitable for combining with skinny jeans, for the place that you are going to visit.

It is good to note that skinny jeans can be found in all sorts of colors – from white through gray to dark blue and black. That is why they are so easy to combine. With them the stylish and hot vision is guaranteed!

If you put on ballerinas with this type of jeans, you will be perfectly spiffy for a walk in the park or the shops. This option is great for the taller ladies who avoid adding inches to their figure by wearing high heels.


Stop at shoes with flat soles, but with open toes to achieve a more stylish look.

If the weather is cold or rainy, you can opt for booties. Tuck the trouser legs of the jeans in them and enjoy the effect – your legs will look even more slender.

Put your high heels and you are ready for exciting night adventures. Such an outfit is suitable both for a meeting and for a crazy party. Select skinny jeans which are perfectly tight on you to achieve a sexy look without much effort.

In the summer you can opt for a combination with sandals. You will be casually charming and ready for positive emotions during the hot days.

The sandals with heel promise you a sense of negligent urban chic.

For a retro look and comfort for a long walk trust the sneakers.



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