The neon is a hit in the shoes. Part 1

Image: © Maxim Malevich / Fotolia

Studs, glitter, massive heels, sneakers with hidden currents and pastel colors determine the trends for the selection of our favorite accessory.

What is the homeland of platform shoes? How the neon ‘migrates’ on every woman’s favorite accessory? Why do the Indian shoes – moccasins – are back in fashion? With these and many other interesting and curious facts and issues we present you the new spring / summer collection.

With full force gleam the new neon colors that are a real color therapy. As the stork is a harbinger of the spring, this trend eloquently chases away the winter greyness.

Neon from Greek is translated as NEW ONE, new and the designers are witnesses that every 20 years the neon finds a new application in the fashion. This year it is reserved for our favorite accessories – bags and shoes.

In the tendencies “Caps, glitter and glamour” and “Opened and closed shoes on current” is important everything to shine and sparkle, so that and the decorative stones and studs are welcome, and the best base is black.

Three of the tendencies that combine the ease of movement that they provide us, are “The new flat shoes”, “Sports models” and “Summer”. “The massive currents” are for the women who want shoes with a message. You will find them in the form of extravagant square currents and interesting upper of the footwear.

Proposals from the trend “Cork” are very feminine and delicate, which is highlighted by the selection of colors and natural fabrics. Here are the pastel tones and the melting sorbet colors.

The cuneiform heel is honored this season in the summer boots with laces, the elegant bright or pastel shoes and the sports sneakers with hidden current. This is definitely a shoe that you need to have in order to be modern in the upcoming season.

The fashion trends in the shoes for the spring / summer season 

Lightness, softness and femininity on the one hand, and the elegance and summer extravagance on the other, determine the vision of the shoes in the Spring / Summer collections. The list of hits of the most popular shoes starts with sports models and elegant comfortable shoes with flat soles and up to the ballerinas now rank and the moccasins.

But current are also the opened and closed shoes with current, as well as the slippers and the models with cuneiform heel. The latter are especially diverse in summer style with heels of cork or bast, sporty in the new sneakers, ultra elegant with neckline or in the closed models.

The decorative applications and metal studs, as well as the decorative pebbles are irreplaceable in this context.


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