The neon is a hit in the shoes. Part 2

Here are the latest trends in the shoes:

Image: © Maxim Malevich / Fotolia

• Neon & sunny colors: With full strength shine the new neon colors that seem to with color therapy chase away the winter grayness! Sparkling individually or with added accents, the neon is a must for this season!

• Caps, shine & glamour: The metallic trend requires a lot of studs on the shoes, handbags and accessories! It is important to shine and sparkle, so and the decorative pebbles are welcome! The best base is black!

• Open & closed shoes with current: Certainly the shoes on heels with open toes bear the first breath of summer and continue to be one of the preferred alternatives before the sandals and slippers – especially the business-ladies hit with them right in the top ten!

• The new flat shoes: The program for convenience continues with the “new flat shoes” and the choice is huge: sporty for your free time, ballerinas for the girls and the new models into a slightly boyish style as the moccasins and sneakers are directly required!

• Solid currents: Modesty was until yesterday! Here from the first step is clear what it is about, and the lady who wears them is fully aware of her appearance! She in no time becomes irresistible with the new extravagant square heels!

• Sorbet & pastel colors: Now and the most delicate tones have a place on the big stage! Very feminine and elegant, often combined with a whiff of romance, they bring color even with their weak intensity!

• Cork, bast & CO: The fashion feeling of summer bring and the new models with tank from cork and raffia! For many of us, they are the epitome of the summer fashion and are the perfect partner for the stylish summer dress & Co!

• It is summer: This is about minimalism from its best side! With a little more than some and another strap these sandals expect to be walked out in the real hot days!

• Cuneiform currents: The triumph of the cuneiform currents simply cannot be stopped! Even the first harbingers of spring as the summer boots with laces and elegant shoes with heels, rely on the tank … Now in a variety of colors from bright to soft pastel!


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