The shoes “type Spice Girls” are back

Image: © Patryssia / Fotolia

High, stable and very colorful

In the early 90-ies of the 20th century, the world experienced a revolution in the shoes after the girls from the ladies formation Spice Girls for a long time did not remove the volumetric platforms of their feet. With prints of the English flag, stripes, dots, bright colors, the semi-sport accessories were among the favorite of Emma Bunton and Mel B. The shoes are of the brand Buffalo, which 20 years later again decided to remind of itself.


The label is in coalition with the site Solestruck and behold, that to the attention of the ladies once again got beat up the huge platforms that can displace the thin current through the warm days.


For the lower in growth ladies, the shoes Buffalo are the ideal solution, because they add more than 10 centimeters to their height. They are also more stable than the standard current and can be combined with sports and casual wear. The accessories are definitely aimed at the younger ladies, as they are colored and with different patterns.


In 1994, the Spice Girls did a great service of the brand since they appeared in various music videos, album covers and posters with these shoes. The fans of the singers rushed to copy their idols and the sales of the label soared dizzying for a very short time.


But if you want to turn back the clock and get on the massive platforms you should prepare between $ 194.95 and $ 274.95.


Last year, the former Spice Girls decided to sell a few pairs of their Buffalo shoes for charitable purposes to raise money for children in need. Then Victoria Beckham, who is considered as a fashion icon and builds a serious career in the industry, said she was happy to be rid of these shoes and now would not wear them. Vicky bets on stylish suits and thin clean heels, which is understandable as she is already a staid woman with four children and a serious career behind her.


But what the heck? Lady Gaga also made a fashion revolution with her shoes from the Japanese designer Noritaka Tatehana whose platforms have strange shapes and chase unseen heights. If you had to choose on which would you is stop – Gaga style shoes or Spice Girls?



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