The struggle requires appropriate shoes

Image: © Ruslan Kudrin / Fotolia

The fight is relentlessly cruel. Daily, weekly and all year round. We are constantly facing new challenges and dedicating our time to whatnot. Today the modern women have a lot to deal with in their everyday lives. Between all the duties we just survive. As true gladiators.

Therefore we will disguise as them. We will put on their shoes and we will perceive their temper. We will fight to the last. But let us start with the shoes.

It is not yet warm enough for our favorite summer clothes, but the weather is perfect for running around in search of sandals for the summer heats and the long hot days and nights at the beach. The new collections of shoes for the summer are already in the shop windows and it is time to find the perfect new inhabitants of the cupboard in the hallway, which is full of all kinds of shoes, of course.

Image: © sergey makarenko / Fotolia

The gladiator sandals are not new, but they are very topical at moment. Their design is pretty diverse – from stylish solutions in the classical colors black, brown and beige to extravagant snake and floral prints and all kinds of bright colors. They can be worn with whatever you have in mind, and wherever. Loose trousers, covering part of them will work for the summer office. The sandals seem to be created for a weekend trip in the company of a floral dress and hair pulled up casually. With the gladiator sandals you can safely experiment with your clothing and choose whether to be casual or more formal.

The famous fashion houses showed their idea of ​​gladiator sandals in this year’s spring fashion shows. Search for your model and add it to the armor with which you boldly enter in your daily struggles.


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