Walking on ice with any kind of shoes

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Winter is in full swing and therefore outside rage blizzards, the wind is blowing, and the sidewalks are an ice skating rink, on which many people break their arms and legs. There is, of course, an easy way to protect yourself from these troubles, even in the city.

But first let us say a few techniques for walking on ice without problems in nature, and then we will say that advice that is common to both nature and the urban environment.

If you are within a very icy region in which it is difficult to keep up, it is best to think about the option for greater stability, as it may cost you your life. But do not rush to despair, creativity is the biggest assistant to a person found in a survival situation.

Technique of walking on ice in a survival situation

What you need to do is to take off your shoes and socks. Then put on your shoes barefoot and put the socks over your shoes. This way you will have a much greater stability and will not skate on the surface, which will help you to cover more quickly longer distances, and will protect you from serious injuries, while your feet will be at dry and relatively warm.

This technique you can use in the woods or on a glacier, where no one will ask you why you have put some socks over your shoes. In the city, however, there is another method to get more stability without being too obvious. This technique is suitable to be used and in natural conditions.


Technique of walking on ice in the urban and natural environment

What you need to do is untie your shoelaces and get them out to one or two holes before the end. Pass the laces under the sole of your shoe as many times as they permit and tie them to the top. In this way you will have an artificially created convenience that will help you stop skating and save you a lot of headaches and injuries. At the same time no one would notice that your shoelaces go under the shoes.


I hope these tips help you remain together and get you out of going to the hospital.


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