What you can wear your red shoes with?

Image: © cicisbeo / Fotolia

Here are some suggestions from us:


  1. Clothes of dark or light denim

Dark denim skirt, dress, summer dress, skinny jeans or shorts. These are among the ideal partners for the red shoes.


  1. Closed red shoes look divinely with a classical corporate suit.

The variations are as follows:


– A pencil type skirt to the knees or business pants combined with a blouse with sleeves. Black scarf on top, in addition during bad weather.


– The red shoes would look great with a gray suit or dress. In general, the combination of red plus gray is traditional. A suit with red shoes makes you elegant, but not provocative (of course, provided that the corporate style of the company allows wearing red).


  1. Red shoes match perfectly with small red accessories such as belts, jewelry and scarves. But keep in mind that red is a dangerous color – you should not overdo it, because it starts to annoy those around you. The designers do not recommend the wearing of red shoes with a red bag and urge you to focus on the little red elements. The important thing is everything to be in moderate quantities.


  1. If you have a date, you can afford a little romance. In order to give your appearance tenderness and charm, combine red shoes with floral prints. Be careful the red shoes and the flowers not to blend in a light intermixture. They need to stand out with neutral shades like navy, gray, black and white.


  1. For those who would go out to have fun in a club and are not afraid to attract attention, is permissible the combination of red shoes and clothing with animalistic patterns (leopard, zebra, snakeskin). The animal prints always attract the eye and when matched with red shoes really produce a sensation!


  1. Red shoes, combined with nice underwear would truly surprise your partner! Remember that the main purpose of the red shoes is to excite!


We wish you a successful reincarnation with red shoes girls!




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