With comfortable shoes and a small bag to a job interview

Image: © Farina3000 / Fotolia

Choosing the right shoes and bag when you go to a job interview probably looks insignificant. This small detail of the outfit, however, can make you feel confident and win the sympathy of your future bosses.

By the clothes people welcome us, so think carefully before you wear something that could play a practical joke on you. How would you like to be perceived at first sight? What is the message you want to send to the interviewer? The accessories to your outfit will do the rest, so under no circumstances underestimate them.


The ten centimeters high heels that cost more than your TV and make your legs look fantastic, were perfect for the party that night, right? Well, that is a sure sign that they are not suitable for the interview tomorrow. Better bet on simple shoes that stylishly complement the selected outfit. The idea is not to stick out a mile too much, because still you are the one who has to shine, not your shoes. Keep in mind that your attention will not at all be focused on the striking answers if you have just broken the heel of your most expensive shoes. Or if you have blisters from your brand new acquisition, which, turns out, is not as comfortable as it was in the shop. Bet on comfortable shoes.


To be or not to be … with a bag, that is the question. Women often have difficulties when they have to find a place for their purse during the interview. If you carry a briefcase or bag with a presentation or portfolio for the interview, the task is easy. In it you can put the things you need for the day, such as your wallet, documents and eventually powder and gloss. If you decide to carry a handbag, then again you should bet on something stylish that matches your shoes. It is better to bet on something with medium size – the huge bags are trendy, but are uncomfortable during an interview in a narrow office. Imagine you need to look for something in it and all your belongings are in one large pocket – that will surely make you nervous, and also the impression of others will not be good.

To go smoothly this troublesome situation called “a job interview” you should be prepared from the night before. Prepare the things that you will wear and carry with you. Avoid delays. And good luck!


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